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If you’ve ever hired a development shop in the past, you know how hard it can be to find one that’s reliable – one that can get down to your real problem and solve it. Even if you find talented developers, you’ll soon find out that they only do what they’re told to – not what’s best for you. Simply put, they don’t understand your business. And without an understanding of both your business and the core problems you’re trying to solve, the risk that your project will fail goes through the roof.

What is ZeroMQ ?

ZeroMQ is a minimalist library with an API resembling BSD sockets that allows for building efficient and flexible messaging systems without much pain. It’s neither a service, nor an application, but it can be either. It introduces messaging semantics to the sockets we all know and understand, but can also be used as a concurrency framework.

Medium sized dev teams can thus easily create elastic networks with a familiar API.

How we can help

Credentials and contributions


Commercial implementations

We helped with implementation, guidance and topology design for backend services at WildfireApp


We presented on ZeroMQ at the following conferences:

ZeroMQ as scriptable sockets from Lourens Naudé

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